Sunday, August 07, 2005

Oh, hello.
I didn't notice you there for a minute.
You're welcome to visit and read over my shoulder anytime you'd like.
* * *
I once took a class taught by a clinical psychologist who told us about a patient of his who had an imaginary 'Little Man' he talked to for company and to relieve stress. In some ways, I guess, blogging is the online version of talking-to-yourself for relaxation and comfort. Writing is therapeutic, though;once the words are released, they're out of your system and away like seeds on the wind.
* * *
It's my belief that most of us don't write enough about our lives, ideas and experiences, leaving it instead to professional writers to record only theirs. Good writing is hard work, but anyone can keep an informal journal or diary of their unique journey through this world. No one else has ever had the exact same experiences or viewed them and reacted in exactly the same way. And if they're never written down, individual knowledge, insight and awareness will inevitably be lost. Anne Frank never expected the random writings of a teenage girl to become world-famous and important to others but, of course, her words have touched millions of lives.
* * *
Come back again and I'll tell you about some of the celebrities I've met, spent time with, shopped for, corresponded with, and interviewed!


Blogger Al said...

Howdy Lee. Thought I'd drop by to give you a word of encouragement with this blog, and thanks for your comments on one of my stories at Blogcritics.

I've also carried your comments and this link over to my own MoreThings site.

3:42 PM  
Blogger michelalexander85520592 said...

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2:51 PM  
Blogger Ginger said...

Hi Lee;
Like Al,I was drawn here from your comment to my Memorial Day post at Blogcritics. I felt that we had to at least be somewhat of the same mind after reading what you had to say.
Now I come here and find it seems to be true.

I like your blog very much and think you've earned five stars for both being well written and making it interesting. I agree that blogs are generally a talking-to-yourself-with-your-fingers exercise. I started my blog as a simple means of getting things out without making someone else listen. Since then it's turned into an eclectic ramble of epic proportions. Rather scary to think my mind wrestles with all that. or did.

I have to share one last thing too. Your teachers patient and his 'Little Man'. As a child I did this as well but I had so much to say that I invented two of them. And made them brothers. But I gave them both the same first name so there'd be no dissension in my space. Who could have guessed that one day I'd grow up and marry a man who had the same name as his brother? That may be a good subject for another blog.

I will visit your blog again to be sure!

12:24 PM  

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